Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Lack of content

I haven't had much to say lately. Things have been fairly routine, which is a good thing. Work is busy and I'm working after the kids go to bed most nights. The twins, on average, continue to be pretty good night sleepers. Max, on average, continues to get me up and not be a good night sleeper. I can't complain too much, because I'm sure he gets it from me. My cousin says its the "farmer" genes in my linage. Most often, N gets put to bed earliest because she is crabby and screaming her head off, then Max, then R last of all. Tonight, we were all blessed with not having to hear N fussy and loud. It really was nice. What changed? She got decent naps.

I've been telling Noemi for weeks now to make sure N got good naps and to put her in her bed for it. R is a catch as catch can napper and seems to get enough or at least not have lack of sleep affect him. N, not so. Yesterday, Noemi commented to me that N likes to sleep in her bed and naps better that way. Ah, yeah. What do you think I've been trying to tell you.

Yesterday, Max gave me one day notice that he was going on vacation today and that I needed to take him to the airport. He's going to Michigan for 5 days. Not the Aunt TT Michigan, the Santa Michigan (aka the North Pole). And, on the way back, he's stopping by Utah. Not really sure where the Utah comes from since we don't know anyone that lives in Utah, probably this is all because someone at schoold is going to Utah for vacation. But, Utah it is. When I tell him I'll miss him too much, I'm told not to worry, it will be okay, and that he will be back in only 5 days. When I explained he was too young to fly by himself, he told Noemi she needed to come with him. When that didn't work, he said, momma's could come.

As previously stated, N was in a reasonable, calm mood tonight so she got to do books and early bed time routine with Max and I while R got bathed and fed. Me thinks the trying to get your siblings in trouble thing starts early. N was sitting there minding her own business and Max goes and puts his finger to her mouth and then tells me that "N got germs on me" in that tattle voice of kids. I had to laugh inside. He went on to tell me that now he is sick and has to go to the hospital. Yes, we have had to have many discussions on how he can't get in the babies faces, spit on them, blow on them especially when he is sick, etc.

As busy as the weekdays are, as hard and crazy and intense as the weekends are with all three kids, as much as I really like working, as much as work is easy for me and as egotistical as it may sound as good at it as I am, I miss having more time with the kids. Often I feel a little sad that I don't hold, feed, bath, change the babies more myself. Even if it means I get less sleep, secretly, most of the time, I'm not too upset when the babies are up during the night because it means I get more interaction with them as limited as it is because we have strong day vs. night cues and signals around here. I remind myself, that I have it better than most because I do work from home and I do get to see them here and there throughout the day even if it is a quick goo goo ga ga conversation and smiles while Noemi feeds them or they are hanging out in the swing or bouncy. I can take a meeting, then break to get Max to school most days. I can stop work to pick him up and wrap it up after they are all asleep. Most days. Not all. Today, Noemi had to do both drop off and pick up for Max because I had both early and late meetings. However, because I do work from home and the babies are so good on average, she can run and get Max leaving the babies with me and I can actually work and get done what I need. I could never have done that with Max at the same age. He needed and still needs/demands much more of me when he is around and awake.

All and all, things are going just fine. No real complaints. Just busy and routine and normal. All day there is something that needs to be done and lots that doesn't get done and I've been a terrible friend to pretty much every friend I have most of the time as I don't have the time or energy to keep in touch. But, overall it feels managable, and right and fulfilling.

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