Saturday, December 27, 2008

Champagne Taste

I used to drink alcohol on a regular basis before I had Max, mostly red wine. I have this really nice wine fridge in my living room full (or half full) of really nice and somewhat expensive wine. They will probably be bad once I get around to drinking them, especially since Max plays with the buttons and you never really know what temperature it has been set at and for how long. Once I had Max, I really lost my taste for it. Plus, I could never drink more than a glass, then the rest of the bottle went to waste and I was dumping most of a $30 bottle down the drain which just pained me. Plus, with lack of sleep, never knowing how much and for how long you would be getting woken up, and the 24x7 nature of being a mom, I just haven't really had anything to drink in years. Tonight, I had a taste for some champagne and I figured I could have a glass, my mom (who is staying over tonight) would have a glass and we could cork it (with a special champagne cork I have after that one night when I lived in SF and had a cork blow off in my face spraying me and my entire kitchen, oh, haven't thought about that time in awhile, what a funny memory) and finish it off on New Years Eve (of which I celebrate with the East Coast) so as not to waste it. All that to say, I didn't stop at that one glass and am feeling pleasantly relaxed at the moment. I really can't remember the last time. I think I'm going to go with it. And, really need to start pumping soon. We will see if and how the twins react to this in the morning.

Oh, and I didn't pop the really good bottle I had in there because it was too warm because a certain 3 year old had fiddled with things again without me noticing so I am only drinking an average bottle, which is tasting just fine. I added in a warm bath with relaxing bath salts and I'm feeling just fine. Enough said.

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