Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Night

Hard to believe another Christmas has come and gone. Hard to believe I am a mom of three. I feel so blessed this Christmas..this year. I got my Christmas wish earlier this year when my family became complete with the birth of the twins. Sure, it is tough sometimes, but all good. Hey, tonight I managed to give all three kids a bath and get them down in relative calms. We had a nice day, a nice holiday. We did church last night, then had some family over and opened family gifts. Today, we just hung out and relaxed and snacked. Max and I never got out of our PJ's. We opened the last gift around 12:30 pm.

Christmas Eve

Max played Santa. He would take the presents to the North Pole (my room), then bring them back in to either open or pass out to be opened. He is a funny one that one. Getting a good picture of him this year was hard because if he knew you were taking a picture, he covered his face with his hands and declared he didn't want his picture taken. Not sure where he got that one from.

Christmas Day

Max checking out his gift from Santa holding a piece of N's gift from Santa which he likes and played with almost as much as he did his own.

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