Friday, December 12, 2008

12 days until Christmas

Not to stress anyone out, but did you realize that today it is only 12 more days until Christmas. I'm in pretty good shape. I think I have everything bought and have a start on wrapping. I made a ton of Christmas cookies today. Today was the big day where I went into Max's class to do the cookie thing. I made the dough up earlier in the week and glad I ran out of ingredients and only made up 3 batches as we only used one in his class. After work, I rallied and made up 1.5 and froze .5 because I just couldn't do one more and needed to get Max to bed. We had cookies for dinner. Oh well, some days are just like that. It is my Grandma's recipe and a treasured one in my family. So yummy!

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Care said...

Cookies for dinner sounds good to me. I'm sure my kids would agree as well! We've had many a day like that.