Tuesday, December 02, 2008

A funny

I was working late tonight because there is a lot of work. My new assignment is going to keep me busy, but I really am enjoying the work and it is something that will probably sound very egotistical, but I'm good at it. But, with coming up to speed in the new area, and being out last week, and trying to recover from the weekend, I was way behind and needed to catch up and tonight was the night. Now, I'm on an adrenaline rush and I'm finding it hard to unwind and get to bed, which I'm sure isn't a good thing.

I was wrapping up work and going to move N from the swing to her crib....again. She had been previously asleep in her bed and woke up screaming in her I'm inconsolable mode and the solution was the swing. My neighbor lent me her old swing so we now have two and have them in such a manner that the babes can see each other. N just snuggles in the new one and looks like such a rolly polly. I'll have to pull out the camera and take some pictures. I forgot it at Thanksgiving. N was 13 lbs 8 oz last Friday. R was 13 lbs 4 oz. Max is very concerned that only N has been using the new swing and I've been instructed to move them and let R have a go at it. We have the swing R has been using up against the counter under the cool air humidifier. He's doing fine right now. Almost no wheezing and only a bit of coughing, but it is regular coughing. Both still have a fair amount of congestion, but they are both on the up hill climb unless we get something else brought into the house of germs. I was able to convince the peds office that we didn't need to come in this week for a visit as instructed in the hospital discharge reports since we are going to be back soon anyway for their 6 month check up and second synigis shot.

Speaking of synigis, I got a call from the supplier today asking some questions and about shipping it to the docs for the second installment and the rep asked whether they had been hospitalized while taking it due to respiratory issues among several other routine type questions. She had to catch herself and do a double take when I responded yes. I guess she doesn't get that much. :) Just made me laugh.

Now, here is the funny....I was wrapping up work and was clearing dishes out of my office and going to move N, and I had this ah ha, gut type thought? reaction? moment? where it hit me ....

I HAVE TWINS. Holy Crap. I have babies. Two of them. Twins.

Considering all that we have been through since June and that they are now almost 6 months. I just found my awe and disbelief quite amusing and amazing. I guess it was a bit of a delayed reaction. I'm still laughing at myself a bit over it.


QuiltingChaos said...

That is funny. I'm still laughing. Yes. You have twins!!!! Pretty awesome.

Anonymous said...

I catch myself having the same thought a lot - I can't believe I have twins - and mine are 2 year, 8 months old. Having twins is awesome! Twin mothers are doubly fortunate. nancy in ak