Thursday, April 02, 2009

On Diaper Rashes

N was going into 5 days of her first diaper rash when we had her 9 month ped appointment last week. After trying many different things, it was getting worse not better. I mentioned it to the doc and he recommended getting some monistat and putting that on first then some desitin on top because it looked fungal related. I have to tell you that guy knows what he is talking about. It has whipped this rash into shape. Now, how he knew this and how one gets a fungal rash I have yet to find out or research as it hasn't made it high enough up on the priority list, but it is something I wondered about. R has yet to get a rash of any kind. Max still tends to get random rashes here and there, but really only had a few mild ones as a baby and desitn was the worst thing for them. His skin preferred Burt's Butt Paste so we used the for him. For the most part, before this N diaper rash, we've been using A and E with the twins because I couldn't find Burt's one day so got that as a stop gap and the nanny likes it better since it is clear and seemed to be working so I could really care less as long as it's effective. So, there you have it. So happy it has cleared up so now she is only dealing with a cold. Attitide wise, she hasn't seemed to mind the rash or the cold, buggers, snot thing she has going on except right at bed time. Ah, the joys and glamour of parent hood.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, real quick... yes, Carver was like this. J & J, no, so I see now how different each kid is.

A & E, and butt paste just don't cut it with kids like this... best is an antifungal underneath and then a *thick* layer of normal desitin, not creamy desitin, but the thick stuff on top. If really bad you can block their face and put a little bit of powder on the diaper to keep the desitin from rubbing off onto the diaper.

And prior to that, best to let the bottom air for as long as possible, let it fully, fully dry out before putting on the creams... I would try to keep C naked for at least ten minutes, if not longer, between dipes. You can see as the minutes go by the redness diminishes as they truly dry out. Have even heard you can speed it up by holding a blow dryer a ways away from their bottom...

Anyway, just wanted to jump in... using an anti-fungal was a lifesaver for me with C... only once it happened of course, not with every dipe.

hope all is good, miss you... am sure you're exhausted... have read your other latest posts... E and I always thinking of you and Jamie misses his friends "Debbie and Max" :-)