Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Stating the obvious

Life is usually a lot easier and less stressful when there is less to do.

Appointments for the twins has not been as plentiful over the last few months.

This means I am in the office more.

This means I have to work less "overtime" at night when the kids are in bed/sleeping.

Work is busy, but not crazy busy in great part because I am not off not working during working hours.

It has been nice.

I'm still busy. In fact, I have company and am getting more company. Company is nice. Makes things crowed and a bit, off, but over all nice.

I'm still behind on so many, many things. But, things are mostly routine.

Mostly, like we've also been on a healthy stretch for a week or two now and that has been nice. However, N seems to have a bit of a stomach upset. In that she spit up a bit last night. Vomited her breakfast and is refusing all food and drink. Do not believe this is swine related. Neither does nurse at peds.

Anyway, just seems like while alot, there has been a lot less. It's nice.

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