Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bah Humbug

Back into the house of germs we go. That's what I get for even thinking the other day that we were on a nice healthy streak and hadn't needed the bulb suction in quite awhile. Max is coughing...a lot with some buggers. N is looks just miserable with her runny and stuffy bugger face and wasn't acting like she was feeling too well. R has picked up a wheeze the other day and I've had Noemi increase the breathing treatments, but he had what sounded like a group cough right as he fell asleep, but at least for now seems like the healthiest of the lot. Oh joy. I'm pumping so I can go to bed earl because tonight has all the potential to be a long, bad one. Blah!

In other good news, even sick (or maybe because he wasn't feeling well) we had a much improved dental visit for Max today. He told me on the way that he was going to be a good listener. And, he was. I didn't get one I don't want to go, I don't like the dentist. There was no screaming, crying, having to hold him down. They were able to even get his first x-rays. So, so much nicer when your kid isn't screaming the entire time. For everyone. We improved from a "fair" to a "good". I challenged Max to see if we can get an "excellent" in 6 months, which insidently I signed up the twins to join us for their first visit.

Now, if you will all join me in a community meditation for improved health and not too miserable of a night/go round with this latest germ fest we have going on.


Laura in L.A. said...

Praying for health and rest for all of you! Hang in there.

Love, Laura

Care said...

Hope everyone gets over this latest round of germs quickly. And yeah for a good dental visit with M. I've yet to have a good trip to the dentist with Connor. He screams, clamps his mouth shut, tries to bite - I always dread it.