Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Double that

Double ear infections, double eye infections...times two. No fever. Just eye goobers. Good thing I took them in today before things got too out of hand. Yes, we were just there mere days ago for synergis shots. That Nora, she's a smart one for her age and has a long memory. She wasn't thrilled last Thursday...crying down the roof when we were put into the room. Then, she got the shots she didn't want. She was less than thrilled to be back so soon, shots or no shots today. Max went along for the ride and the treat (let's call it what it is, bribe for good behavior) and because I likely wouldn't be back in time to get him from school. The ped gave extra refills on the eye drops for when Max, Noemi, and I get it. She said half her day was spend diagnosing it and writing Rx's for it.

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Care said...

Oh yikes - that sounds miserable all around! Hope that it all clears up quickly. Really great that your pediatrician will give you enough meds for everyone - no one here will do that and it gets tiring dragging each and every one in to the doctor.