Saturday, December 26, 2009

Bestill my heart

Time with Max can be challenging sometimes. He tests and pushes it and can argue and debate at 4 with the best of them. I think he has really enjoyed the downtime and hanging out with the family, but is also starting to miss his friends and school. A play date with his best friend didn't work out for today. He was mostly good, with periods of silly's. One of his favorite things to do these days it egg his brother and sister on OR copy their bad behavior when I correct in R we don't throw food on the floor; N sit down; R sit down; R, N doesn't like to get run over with the shopping cart. It hurts!; N we don't hit, it hurts; etc. and then he will get in the mix. Or, to start trouble will get them going with some such antics. He got sent to time out today because he wanted candy and I had told him he had enough and "no" he said if I didn't let him he would hit me and I responded that would get him a 4 minute time out and I didn't like to be hit, it hurts. And, he hit (very softly) my sent to time out, tried and succeeded in luring his brother and sister in to "play" with him which I didn't allow, got two additional minutes added on for 1) coming out 2) taking down the baby gate and letting N and R back in. Just wanted to set the stage that he isn't an angel. He isn't BAD, just have to stay on your toes, be very consistent, and make sure the lines of appropriate and inappropriate are very clear.

All that to lead to one of my proudest moments as a mom today. After I put the twins down for afternoon nap today (which 85% of the time they boycott these days, but still get/need some rest/down time), Max wanted me to play with him. However, I hadn't had a chance to get the dishwasher emptied or done dishes all day and explained to him that I needed to get my work down first (cuddled and played with him for the entire morning nap for the twins) and he gets his fair share or more of my time (lest you think he is deprived of it...NOT). Anyway, he came up, started helping me unload the dishwasher telling me that with teamwork it would get done faster. He was rewarded by me sitting down and playing with him for a nice long time after we finished emptying the dishwasher and my mom (who has been staying for the holiday, but not helping too much because her knee is really bothering her and she is in a lot of pain) got up and loaded/washed the dishes. I've been getting the random "mom, I love you" and other really nice comments like "thank you for my talking telescope, I love it" and "thank you for making these {my grandma's cinnamon twist}, they are delicious", and he's helped to carry in some light grocery items after asked when unloading, but this is the first time completely unprompted that he did something like this.

Wow, I was so impressed and proud. Makes me feel like I really am doing something right and even when or especially when the going gets tough to stick with it and my convictions.

God, I love that kid so.

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Laraf123 said...

I think it's so important for us to recognize these shining moments in our sons' little lives. Parenting solo is exhausting for me right now and I, too, try to hold on to all the positive examples I can. You have done a great job with Max. I'm sure he learns his behavior from your loving example day in and day out.