Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Talk, Talk, Talk, Talk, Talk

One of the things I notice, when I spend a lot of time with Max, especially if we are in a car or traveling is....the kid never shuts up. On Monday, we were going to go to the zoo as a family, but the twins woke early and were a tad cranky and Max's listening was not that great and I just put the twins to an early nap and told Max no can do. Plans B and C after a bit of research didn't pan out so I moved up our trip to the aquarium by a day and off we went with my mom along for company. Instead of driving like normal people, we take the metro which involves about 2.5 hours travel one way and one bus way, and two train lines. We spend more time traveling than visiting the fish and sharks and rays and sea lions, but oh...the joy and look on his face is worth it all for little things like being able to pull the cord to request a stop or go over a bridge or underground. He loves it and I don't hate it and when we have the time like on a vacation week, I try to carve out a day for us. But, boy, am I tired after it. Not just because of the travel and effort of being out and about and paying attention to surroundings, but because he is always talking. And, it is difficult to totally tune him out because he seeks input or will ask if you agree or if it is okay and I've learned that I really need to make sure I know what I'm agreeing. Most of the time, I don't mind. Occasionally, it is annoying. Often, I find it facinating to get a glimpse on how his mind works and how he thinks and plays and how he can jump topics (need to watch out extra for that one) and what he can and does pick up on. Mostly, it reminds me of my grandpa calling me a chatterbox. Methinks I must have been the same way when I was young.

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HOA Mgr Lady said...

onr day in about 10 years he won't talk to you at all and you will wish he did! Such is life.
I think he needs the practice so let him talk and say "I don't know what do you think Max?"
Merry Christmas!