Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Before and After



Where did my baby go? For the record, I hate it. And, not just because it was his first cut and way shorter than I wanted or ask. It changes his whole look. To me, now, he just looks like any other little boy rather than the mischievous imp that he is. Yes, I don't like Max's hair after it has just been cut because they always do it too short. In fact, when I told my cousin that I got R's hair cut, she said, you don't like it and it is too short. All true. But, I feel traumatized in a way I never did with Max's first or any other hair cut. Oh well, it will grow. I think I may have to learn to cut hair. Seriously. I think it may only be the way to get the cuts I want. Of course, I can't get them to sit still for a picture so not sure how I'd manage. Maybe I can find a straight jacket to hold them, or at least their arms. I'm not going to wish tomorrow away, but I will be happy when it grows. I want, for him, one length just over the ears. Blah.


Laraf123 said...

He is beautiful both ways, but I know what you mean. He definitely looks like a big boy now--but believe me your "baby" is still in there. It will grow out and you may or may not choose to get it cut again. Each time I get Henry's hair cut it is more difficult (or should I say tantraumatic!). I'm thinking of letting him grow it out until kindgergarten!

Laura in L.A. said...

Deb, I love little boys with buzz cuts! Like Max, Ray is a stunningly handsome boy. Oh, those eyes! :):)

Love, Laura