Wednesday, November 18, 2009

That's why

As much as our nanny drives me crazy a good portion of the time, I have no intention of making a change because my primary criteria is that I trust the children will be safe in their care (letting Max rule the roost issue aside). Case in point. Today. I had to be out of the house all day for a business meeting, where inciently, I slipped and fell...lovely...yes, it has been maybe only twice since I've had kids... since I have worn heals and not only were they a bit tight in the toes, it turns out the rubber heal was missing, but anyway, I digress. I come home to Noemi cleaning N up because she vomited because Noemi needed to do the Heimlich because N was chocking on a piece random plastic from a bead necklace. I'm glad I wasn't here when it happened. And, of course, that all is well that ends well.

Thanks everyone for the recipe and menu ideas. I'm going to try week (or the week after, or maybe in December :)...when I only have to be a mom and not work full time and be a mom. Oh, and thanks to the Menu Monday link. I need to check that out more, but I did browse it and then click on one then clicked someplace else end ended up on this knitting sight where some lovely ladies on a forum gave me pointers on where and how to find someone to knit Christmas Stockings to match the ones Max and I have. Mine, my grandma made for me when I was a wee lad. Max's, my sister found a friends mom make some for her kids and Max when she lived there but she isn't interested any longer.

Long, long day. Long week. I'm tired. I'm achy and sore. I have a lot of work to do, but in 2 days. I'm off for two weeks. I need the break even though I will pay dearly when I return.

ps. Those shoes are now in the trash so that I don't forget next time I need them what a hazard they are to my health.

ETA: And, while someone might make the argument that maybe N shouldn't have choked in the first place, there really is only so much one can do. The entire house is a choking hazard for toddlers with all Max's little things and whatnots. And, with R's propensity to walk around two fisted with sharp pointy objects it's amazing he hasn't poked out an eye yet. They are eagle eyes for one and every breach and are like a magnet...drawn to each and every item you don't want them to have and get distracted for one second and they will be up on the kitchen table (R just because and N to eat the cat food, regardless if she just finished a snack or a meal). They are so used to getting things taken away they see you coming and just hand it over with a grin, happy for the time they had with the contraband item.

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It's very difficult to control what goes into kids' mouths! Thank goodness everyone was on their toes! VERY scary when those kinds of things happen!