Sunday, November 08, 2009

Nary a skirmish

Everyone, except me of course and sadly, slept in today. Max climbed in my bed about 2 am saying he had a scary dream and it was too scary to tell me about, ever. Later in the day, he told me the dream was about N and R getting arrested, then started laughing and said "just joking". Ah, that kid. Like many things, I guess I'll never know...and yes, I'm curious! At least I did doze back off after he joined me, but woke up quite a bit because he had to be touching me and reached out for me to touch me or hold my PJ on and off.

Anyway, I wouldn't go so far as to say Max's behavior was perfect today, cause whose behavior ever is really, but everything just seemed to flow and it was markedly improved. The only time we came close was outside clean-up after dinner/before bed. He had hauled all the "equipment" onto the grass to make an obsticale course agreeing that he would put it all back when the day was done. Then, of course, he didn't want to. Instead of going into battle, I used his competitiveness (which was in the forefront of my mind after playing numerous board games with him today..egads, not sure where the kid got it from, but not me) against him and told him to take his time and NOT do it because I wanted to win and clean up the inside/family room first. That got him going. And, yes, I did make sure to let him win.

So, who knows, probably a bit tired and off, something on his mind/bothering him (scary dream), and cuddling and connecting with me while he slept it off. Days like today are so much nicer than days like yesterday.

Switching gears, just a little funny from today. Max is big and strong enough and the twins tolerant enough that when the moods are in alignment like they were today, they will allow him to drag them about. R, typically being more tolerant than N in general. Max gave N a "roller coaster" ride in one of our patio chairs that spins. After she tired of this (which took quite awhile actually), Max went to find R for his turn. He's hauling him across the back yard with his arms under R's armpits and R's feet just above the ground. R kept trying to touch, but was perfectly content to let Max manhandle him that way. Actually, he looked a bit pleased. They get to the chair and Max starts shoving him up into it by his butt and then R figures out what he wants and climbs up, turns around and enjoyed his turn. It was so funny to watch. Then, Max did the same thing to N after dinner for a different reason and she just went with it as well. She lets Max get away with far less than R and will let her temper fly at him having him back away quickly with apologize if she doesn't like what's going on. Today, they just all seemed mellow and tolerant and played nicely. Several times, R and N had some twin game thing going on and just cracking each other up for no apparent reason. One of those times R was at the top of the slide and N at the bottom and I swear R was telling N to move or he'd run her over and she was daring him to try and they just burst out in laughter. Or, not...whose to say.

Oh, and allegedly, N's taken a few independent steps...not that I've seen any of them. Neomi reported that N took two steps Friday afternoon. My mom reported that N took one step at the party yesterday. I have seen nary a one, but she's about to take off and then I think we are all going to need to watch out.

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Jenny H said...

Hey Deb! I've been reading your updates, so I thought I'd post up her. Congratulations on N talking some steps. I think you are out! I know times are hard. Seriously, I don't know how you do it. I couldn't do 6:30 am meetings AND 7:30 pm meetings. Ouch! I know things are just hard everywhere. In education, our hours are a ton better, but we are waiting for MASSIVe salary cuts and lay offs. There are rumors the layoffs could be as early as January. Yikes! Hang in there. I know you are doing great, and I know it is so hard. Hugs.