Monday, August 10, 2009


I'm not sure what is more unbelievable at the moment....

the fact that I am sitting here pumping and still have milk when I haven't pumped in over 11 days now. No, I'm not planning on starting back up. I'm just in pain. I have a clogged duct in my lower right outside of my breast that really has to be drained to prevent infection and put me out of my misery only made worse by the fact that I took and elbow to that very region while doing bedtime routine with Max. I've suspected that I still had milk, although after just being sore for a few days things have been fine, no problems, no engorgement, no real discomfort. Then, over the weekend, I felt my milk come down again for some reason, thought I must have imagined it, until today when things got progressively more uncomfortable. I hadn't really planned on it until I realized that no matter how tired I am I don't think I could get a good night sleep feeling the way I do.

the fact that the twins did not fall asleep until almost 3 hours after bedtime. Completely unacceptable. I will have a stern talk with them in the morning, but for tonight I just concentrated on pulling up my reserve of calm and patience. They just could not settle. They talked and babbled and played and just got strung out and couldn't sooth to sleep. A lot of repeated intervention was needed. Max also had trouble settling tonight, but it only took him an hour past bedtime and one extra round of cuddles and nodded off just in time to take a late work meeting. All this after Max spent the majority of the night in bed with me which means I had way more wakings than usual and was already extra tired.

in other news, Max continues to be the diaper police. He set an edict about a month ago that N gets the "bird" diapers and R the "butterfly" ones, because N likes birds and she is his beautiful girl. When it isn't annoying, it is hilarious because he actually checks and reprimands Noemi and I when we forget. I have to say, he does have me trained at this point on the diaper issue. However, we have been able to convince him that no matter how much he would like otherwise, N is going in the blue highchair instead of his old one because the blue one is cloth and the other cleans up easier because R eats like Max...meaning that he is a complete slob and gets food everywhere (which is funnier when you are not the one cleaning it up) and R can get out of the straps on the blue one and pull to a stand so it is as much if not more a safety issue.

i played hooky from work today to drop off the paperwork for my living will/trust that I've had for ages, drop off books/pick up a book from the library, get a few documents notarized including request for the twins birth certificates, stopped in at the pharmacy, and a quick trip into a grocery store for cup cake tins for Max's class on Friday. I will pay the piper tomorrow but feeling good about getting some of that stuff off my list.

or, how much milk I just pumped out. A total of 9 oz...5 from the one giving me the trouble and 4 from the other. That is an ounce more than my typical average and almost double what I was getting at the point I stopped. I hope this takes care of the blocked duct. Good thing I only thought about giving away my pump this weekend before thinking I may try to make some money by selling it on craigs list.

I guess the fact that I still had milk and how much I pumped is topping the amazing list now that I've had a chance to ponder it. If I had any time or energy I'd go look it up, but thought that after that long, surly I should have dried up.


Care said...

Hope the clogged duct clears up quickly. And how ironic that pumping after stopping is so, um, productive. I smiled reading about Max and his insistance about who gets which diapers. And hope that they all three settle down better tonight.

Jenny H said...

I had milk FOREVER after stopping.