Tuesday, August 11, 2009


At least for the moment, I've outsmarted the twins. I evaluated the difficulty settling to sleep situation that has been escalating over the last week and dragged on for 3 hours last night. R almost always falls asleep before N. She then becomes bored of playing whatever is in her crib or destroying a new board book, then falls asleep when she is good and ready.

My belief of what was occurring is that were feeding off each other and playing and talking across the room. I thought about separating them, but the problem is that the crib in my room isn't full size and it doesn't have a crib tent. To be successful, R would have to be the one to move. No way would N go for it, just wouldn't happen. And, I don't really want to invest in another full size crib and crib tent for my room unless absolutely necessary. A quick ponder of moving one of the twins into Max's room was quickly ruled out as guaranteed to make the situation worse at this point in time, although when the twins are old enough to leave the crib I do plan on putting all three in the same room for a few years..or at least that is the current plan.

I decided to try the simplest approach as possible...putting a blanket on the side of R's crib so the twins couldn't see each other unless they were standing up. Worked like a charm. Ha, take that. Score one for mom. Now, I'll just be hoping it wasn't a fluke.

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Lara said...

No twins here to outsmart...just a funny layout that requires the baby to sleep (ha!) in my room with his 2 year old brother in the tiny room next door. Brother wakes when he hears baby sounds thru the paper thin wall. Brother also climbed out of toddler bed and tried to get over loft balcony (gulp!) Empty bedroom downstairs, but I insist we all sleep on the same floor for safety reasons. So I have logistical obstacles when it comes to sleeping arrangements. Constantly trying to stay one step ahead and get some rest--I hear you!