Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sad State

Really, it is a sad state of affairs when you have free baby sitting and decide to stay in anyway. My mom is staying over tonight and offered to watch the kids tonight (after they were in bed asleep) so I could go out with a group of friends, but alas...I elected to stay in. I'm so tired and worn out. If they were a tad closer; if I didn't have limited help tomorrow; if I didn't have an extremely busy week next week...then maybe. But, it would be about an hour drive each way, Sundays can be long enough and it can be hard to be the type of mom I want to be without added extra tired into the equation; and my week is extremely busy next week. So, stay in, I am. Plus, I'm not feeling so hot. Just the sniffles and trying to fight off another cold around here like all the children. Probably made worse by the wind storms and everything it kicks up. I'll be happy when we have this first winter behind us with the twins a bit older with better immune systems and Max has a year of Preschool germs behind him.

Not to say I didn't take advantage of my mom being here to get a few errands run and then to take Max to a birthday party (which is the whole reason she stayed). We weren't gone too long, but glad we got home when we did because the twins didn't really nap and fussed off and on the entire time and all three looked happy and relieved when we walked in.

Anyway, as much as I like the idea of going out, seeing friends, and having wonderful conversation...the thought of a good night sleep is even more appealling and really unlikely so I will take what I can get and hope for an adequate night sleep and a nice family day tomorrow with reinforcements in the afternoon so I can get a break and get a few more much needed errands done.

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Katrina said...

Hope all is is unusual for you not to post in 2 weeks. :)