Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Oh, those things they say

Conversations with Max are (mostly)* quite fun right now.

The scene: Tonight as we were cuddling in bed talking about tomorrow.

Max: I can't go to school tomorrow because I'm sick.
Me: Sick, what kind of sickness.
Max: My throat is in my bottom and the food is falling into my feet.
Me: I can see how that would be a problem, but you are still going to school tomorrow.

There was a funny one last night/early this morning when he climbed in bed with me. It is a bit of a blur right now, but was something about being afraid of tigers getting him, sharks, and crocodiles eat people sometimes, you know. Yeah, sometimes. My very sympathetic response was something to the affect that I would not let a tiger or a shark eat him and that yes sometimes crocodiles did try to eat people, where did you hear that by the way, now, don't tell me, none of those things are in our house and you can stay in my bed if you be quite and let us go back to sleep.

He's started to use this expression of "you can do xyz, if you want to" when he really wants you to do something in the cutest tone of voice that makes you want to. Like, you can feed N at the table with me while I eat. Yeah, if you want to." Or, "R can come read books with us tonight...if he wants to".

Death has been coming up a lot. I didn't think the death year was supposed to be 4, but I guess we entered it early. It has come up off and on since Shadow died. He pulls out a book to read every now and again on it. He's asking where heaven is and how you get there and talks about the Rainbow bridge, where Shadow is. The other night, he says to me, yeah, but only doggies can die, not you and not children. Gulp! I went into a simple and brief explaination about the circle of life and that all things die eventually when it is there time, but this is a conversation for another time since it is past your bedtime.

The daddy thing has also been coming up a lot. Maybe I've already mentioned this? Twice recently when people were over he has insisted he has a daddy who is coming over and then goes to look out the window and open the door for him. We also do pretend play where I'm the daddy and he's the mommy or He's the mommy and I'm the son or He's the daddy and I'm the mommy or He's the daddy and his stuffed animals are his son's or He's the mommy and has 5 babies in his tummy. I just point out that all families are different or that yes, it would be really great to have a daddy to do xyz with or we don't have a daddy because mommy didn't get married, but loved you so much already that a doctor helped her or that we are a mommy and kid family or some such explaination as seems to fit the situation at the time. I also make sure I point out other families that are also a mommy and kid family (one of the local SMC's son's is a few years older and goes to the same preschool as Max, but both are in the all day program so get joined together in the afternoon). So far, I think it is more trying to figure it out and a whimsy thing ...like it would be nice to have Aunt K come over and stay the night kind of thing.

Amyway, all three kids were up at various points last night and what sleep I had was pretty broken so I'm going to try to fall asleep early then wake to pump or maybe I should just pump now to reset the clock? Hmmm, decisions, decisions, decisions.

* When he isn't calling everyone poopy, himself spitter...and then trying to spit on you or whoever is in sight, or whatever inappropriate thing he thinks is hilarious at the moment.

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MissMeliss said...

i've been considering adopting a 2nd child... i've been wondering how much harder it is. of course, i can't ask you, 'cause you have THREE now!! lol i bet you are exhausted. but i bet it is still a neat feeling...