Monday, March 07, 2011

The best laid plans

I had great plans of starting to blog regularly again with topics lined up to do a post 1) with a psycho analysis introspection on myself, 2) a whole update on Max, 3) then N, 4) then R. 5) Give an update on Speedy the dog. 6) Give an update on City the cat. 7) Talk about my neighbors. Pictures included.

Instead, I've dealt with things like getting my facebook account hacked into; the drama around our preschool director getting placed on admin leave pending investigation; my car breaking down with kids in it; getting the election set up for tomorrow...with all of that happening just today except the fb thing.

Not to mention N falling face first tripping in the school parking lot hitting her forehead and nose (ah those head injuries, especially in one like N who has had hydrocephalus and has a shunt). Getting a bloody nose later tonight making me worried about concussion or internal damage. Probably nothing one can only hope and pray, but I'll be keeping an eye on her.

Breakfast was cereal, on request, which is actually rare around here. Dinner was cereal, again on request, which is unheard of around here. Makes me wonder why I bother to cook as it was such a big hit that all three kids requested thirds.

Probably, the biggest funny of the day is that Max didn't actually have cereal this morning as what was thought to be cereal turned out to be crushed crackers. So, he had crushed crackers with milk and banana this morning. While I told him he could toss it, it tickled his funny bone and he ate it all laughing the entire time at the strangeness and novelty of it.

I hope the car isn't majorly broken, but....I was just driving on home from getting Max from school and it just died. In the middle lane, approaching a busy intersection. At the busiest time of day. With Max and Nora in the car. It was towed. I walked home with the kids.

What I wanted to do is get into this book and stay off the computer as part of my healing and recovering and doing things for yourself plan I have going. What I did is spend an hour or so drafting and sending a leader to our pastor on my thought on the whole preschool situation.

In general, life seems to come on to fast and strong most days. Some days, like today, more than others.

Tomorrow is election day. Voting is in my garage. I haven't even looked at what is on the ballot yet.

Good thing I kept my sense of humor for the most part. Although, I have to say that I almost snatched away that recorder that my cousin passed our way tonight and cracked it in two or more pieces. It sure wasn't helping my splitting headache that was working towards a migraine. I resisted, juts barely. So, it lives to annoy me another day. :)


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