Wednesday, March 16, 2011

all about Max

I still haven't gotten around to scanning Max's school and basketball pictures.* He is growing so fast.

He got accepted into the Kindergarten we wanted. The form and deposit to hold his spot has been dropped off.

He is growing so fast. I'm not joking when I say that he is going to be taller than me soon.

He is really smart. I don't have much to compare it, but his teachers and those who do tell me it is so. He's got a quick mind (and whit) and is very drawn to math and science. Last month, he asked and asked how many seconds were in 10 months so finally I figured it out. Upon giving him the answer, he responded "great, that's how many seconds until Christmas". Yes, he sure loves that holiday, as do I.

Actually, he likes all holiday's. Tomorrow is St. Paddy's day and I'll be in his class making St. Patrick day necklaces and other such fun and crafts. He's going to wear his leprechaun costume from Halloween and try to trick people into thinking he a real leprechaun. He's looking forward to it.

Being a glutton for punishment, T-ball started last week and first game is Saturday if we don't get rained out. And, I signed him up for summer basketball today. This will keep us on a practice and game pretty each week for months and months and months. I really don't like being so busy, but he LOVES it, seems to be picking things up fast, and the twins are getting used to being dragged along and things are getting a bit easier to drag them.

I about lost it with him last night when we couldn't find his brand new mitt. The one just purchased this weekend that hadn't even made it to a practice let alone a game. Luckily, it was found under a blanket on the top bunk instead of being left at the park with the nanny a few days earlier as he thought. I've decided I'm going to look at getting the sporting supplies at the big consignment sales so I'm not so upset when the get lost or ruined or chewed up by the dog (which was found in his mouth just after it was purchased and Max has been reminded on a regular basis to make sure it is up so the dog and his brother and sister can't get it.

Mostly, he is an even keeled kid who rarely cries, gets along with most, and is generally well behaved. He let's R get under his skin and get him worked up in fast order sometimes, but especially if he is tired. R seems to know just how to make him angry or cry. They have been playing together more and fighting more.

The other day, almost out of the blue, he asked me what would happen to him if I died. I told him his Aunt T and Uncle J would take care of him. To which he said, okay, and moved on.

He's been asking a lot about kids and can they go to jail or do only adults go to jail. And, when the police will come and arrest someone or give them a ticket. And, armies, and guns. The other week when our car broke down in the middle lane and someone helped me push it to the side. He got a bit upset that the police were going to come and give us a ticket or arrest us. I explained that in this case, if the police came, they would help us. But, I think he was relieved when the tow truck got there so he didn't have to test that theory out.

Last week was election day here and the polling place for our precinct continues to be our garage. He was so excited about it and wanted to see it set up and the voting signs before school. On the way to school, he asked me how I was going to vote and I told him I still need to decide. He told me I should vote 1) for no more bad guys in the world 2) no robbers in our area 3) no guns since they can hurt or kill people. I told him those sounded like very great things to vote for and I would.

A few months ago, he had his best buddy over and I heard him on the other side of the yard telling him "N is my FRIEND as well as my sister, you need to be nice to her". Oh, my heart melted. He went on to say "R is just my brother and not my friend, go ahead and be mean to him". Sigh. The thing is...R really can be mean and a trouble maker, but that is a whole other topic for another day.

The other day he asked me if boys could marry boys and I explained that in some states. He then goes on to say that he is going to marry his best buddy K. I said that was fine as long as K agreed because in order to marry, both people had to want it and agree. He goes on to ask if he could marry me if K didn't want to marry him. When I told him in no states would this be allowed, he said asked if we could move out of country. I told him if he still wanted to marry me when he was 18 we could look into it. :)

He and K have really missed being at the same school this year and not seeing each other every day. K's mom and I have tried to get them together at least once or twice a month. I think more than learning Kindergarten things, he is most looking forward to seeing K in after care each day. From what I hear from K's mom, the feeling is mutual. Max's teacher and I talked about their friendship because she taught K last year and commented that while Max had friends in the class this year, nothing like the bond he has with K. I was commenting that in a way, I find the draw a bit odd, because they are very different. K could care less about sports, or Wii, or computer games. Mrs. P thinks it is because they are both really smart and have a similar sense of humor. We will see if they will be smart enough to stay out of big trouble as they grow.

Max still isn't fully reading. He can and does pick out words here and there. He doesn't say much about it, but his teacher and I agree that it drives him crazy that a few other kids in his class are. He has a competitive streak for sure. It seems like he has some trouble sounding out the words to figure them out and then gets frustrated and doesn't want to try. The words he does know, I'm sure are ones that someone has told him and he just has memorized. His memory is long. He has a nack for piecing things together. He may see or hear something and not understand it at the time, but something else days or weeks or months later will come up and he will remember and fit for him. I don't push the reading thing. He's still young and it will click at some point I think.

His fine motor skills, writing, coloring, and drawing is still a bit immature and probably his weakest area. The extra year in the early 5's has made a big difference and I think allowed him to better make the leap to K next year. I think this year he would have really struggled and it would have gotten to his psyche.

He's still my worst sleeper, but sleeps better than ever. Not counting the time change that, as always, has messed things up, his bedtime is usually 7:30 pm (when I leave his room from books and cuddles) and he will play or look at a book or get a yogurt and/or go to the bathroom. He usually falls asleep between 8 - 8:30 pm and is up between 6 - 6:30 am. He has been alternating between sleep on the top or bottom bunk randomly (or so it seems to me).

All in all, I'm really proud of him and how he is growing and maturing. I think as the years go, he is going to give me a run for my money and keep me on my toes, but that he will turn into a fine young man.

* There are still so many things that just don't get done each day, week, month. Heck, the box of Easter decorations have been sitting on the arm of the couch for longer than a week (maybe two?). Sigh.


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