Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Another day another dollar

Things always look brighter after a good night sleep....wait, I had a crap night sleep where little sleep was had and not, let's just say that things always look better during the light of a new day. Work still basically sucks, but I emailed an old team member who was let go to complain and called my old boss to chat and catch up. My mom is going to stay the weekend and we are going to take the kids to my sisters on Sunday so I will have help and plans. I'm sure there is more, but I'm fried. I also suspect that I'm having a hormone shift with too much estrogen and that a bleed may be headed my way. The trouble sleeping I've been having lately (hated stims for that reason), the acne, and greasy hair over the last few days causing me to hair wash every day instead of a few times a week as I have been plus the glum mood and near tears turn to anger yesterday added with the yucky bloated achy feeling in the nether region that started tonight all seem to be headed in that direction. I'm self prescribing two Tylenol PM and heading to bed.

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Care said...

I'm sorry about the job frustrations...and wish you luck in finding a new and better opportunity out there.