Thursday, August 12, 2010

This and That

The days and weeks and months just seem to fly at warp speed and I have a hard time justifying spending time blogging when there is so much left undone at the end of each day.

I find that I keep staying up later and later and telling myself I MUST get to bed earlier so I can get more sleep and it just doesn't seem to happen.

Took the kids camping last weekend and we all had a great time. There were 4 adults, 2 teenagers, and my 3. I see more of it in my future, but decided I need at least 2 extra adults to go with my kids. Luckily, both my sister and cousin (who expected to hate it) also had a great time and want to do more as well. Need to get something planned.

The kids are fine. Max is in summer camp and liking it. He turns 5 next week and I'm taking the day of and we are going to Disneyland for the day (while the twins stay home with the nanny), then a small party for him next weekend. Max is funny and clever and such a good negotiator. He loves to win and so completely doesn't get it when I tell him that having fun and playing fair/nice is more important than winning. He has 4 weeks of swim lessons this summer and did great, but validated my decision to keep him in the early 5's pre school this year. He's not immature, but will benefit from another year of maturity (if that makes sense). He's still so young and yet so grown at the same time. It can be such a contrast. He'll go from board baby and toddler books to chapter books and back in various stages. All of a sudden, I no longer have to get him up every night before bed to prevent an accident.

I'm taking the week off before school starts. We aren't going to go anywhere, but do day trips to the beach, maybe the zoo, travel town, and other fun things that are hard to do on weekends or solo with the kids (as the nanny won't be on vacation and I can drag her along). It will all probably play a bit of havoc on the twins naps, but I think they will be like Max and drop them on the earlier side.

R loves him some trains, which he calls "Percy", especially the Thomas one. Heaven forbid you don't put a fish or shark "nemo" shirt/pants on him with the actual nemo shirt being his favorite. It is getting washed every morning and back on him every afternoon. I almost put it back on him dirty the other day just to avoid the tears and tantrum and "no, nemo. no, no, no, no. NEMO" as only a true terrific two can go on without distraction. He is talking a lot and most of the time even understandable. He has mostly been out of his crazy distructo who are you bad attitude grumpy kid and is actually pleasant to be around most of the time as long as you aren't N.

N is starting to hold her own with her bro's who still like to grab and push her around. The sibling without rivalry book is often in my mind, especially with her, when it talks about not always going to the rescue of the "victim". This morning during speech, she actually told Max, no mine, pushed him away and held on when Max tried to take it away. The therapist and I were so proud. The girl cries so much more than Max or R ever did or would think about (but R is a much bigger whiner). Most of the time, I think it is even real. Tonight, R got hurt and got up on my lap for snuggles. N wanted up. She went to where R got hurt, started crying just like he had and saying owwie, just so she could get up. Note to self (as I saw it all), N can be a total faker to get her way. Watch out for this. She is still receiving speech, OT, and early intervention. She's doing great and starting to talk a lot more. She is just so much slower and methodical about things than her run off half cocked full speed brothers. She has the most radiant smile. I don't usually wear or even have much makeup so she isn't seeing me put it on...maybe ever...yet, she is in my makeup drawer every day pulling things out, trying to figure out what they are and trying to talk me into putting "it" on her. Today, the "it" was mascara. She pitched a fit and threw it into the tub when I wouldn't. :) The girl has a temper, but usually gets over it fast.

Work is fine, busy and going well. Still a bit too busy and stressful, but NOTHING like the last job. If I could just muster energy for a bit more overtime I would be in better shape, but I'm just so tired at the end of the day because I've stayed up far to late the night before and the cycle continues.


Laraf123 said...

It's fun to read an update about your children. I know what you mean about trying to schedule fun day trips but running into the problem of the younger ones' naps. I've had to compromise all summer. Is Max going to Kindergarten? Hope you have fun at Disney!

Laura said...

Debbie, thank you for the update! I love to hear what the kids are doing. I am thinking of you, and I am glad that you allowed yourself the time to post, even if you felt like you should be doing other things. :):)

Love, Laura

Anonymous said...

I hope you and your family are doing well and you are just too busy to keep up the blog. nancy in ak

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