Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Isn't it just the way of it

Doesn't it seem that often when you finally bring something up and express it outside of your mind, you almost jinx the situation? If you tell someone you don't have that problem with your kid, next thing you know...voila. If you mention that sleep is going well, ah well, your doomed for a few bad nights. And, because I mentioned I hadn't yet had a period here the other day...guess what is making an appearance. Pure coincidence already set in motion.

In other news, R is doing fine. Still did breathing treatments on him. N was really wheezing and not sounding so good so she got a few hersself. She tolerated the first two well, the third not so. I think she was happy to be in R's spot and "getting a turn".

The early intervention specialist (let's call him MP) told me today that R is counting as in MP: One R: Two MP: Three R: Four. When I or Noemi came around, R stops. MP and I laughed saying that R is dumming himself down so he can get away with more and both agreed there was a certain truth to that. R is scary. Max now knows how to work the cable box to get to his pre-recorded shows and can read enough to pick the show he wants and to save them instead of delete, restart, that kind of thing. Today, R did it. The exact right buttons in the exact right order. Scary. Not the OMG he can't catch a breath scary, but scary non the less.

There are a few rules that preschool enforces so I do as well. One is picking up toys and the other is clearing the plate. Since R sees Max do this, it only took a bit of encouragement and praise to get him to do this himself. He has to stand on his tippies and slides it into the sink. He is so proud of himself. N doesn't seem to need or care about praise the way her brothers do, my first attempts to get her were met with looks like "are you crazy? I'm not doing that!" so I just left her be and lo and behold, she is starting to come around and will clap for R when he does it, then do it herself and get a big smile. Yes, I do use sibling rivalry and competition to my benefit on occasion. :) The thing is, they are both pretty good at it and neater about it than Max. Yes, sometime the plate falls or some stuff fall off, but not as much as you might expect.

Guess who isn't working (other than a quick email check after the kids are in bed to make sure nothing urgent has come in) nights this week? It feels good, but I almost don't know what to do with myself. Changes coming on the work front, but that's a topic for another day and should all end fine and maybe even good or better than good.

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Laraf123 said...

So fun to read about R's ability to copy Max. (And Max's ability to use the cable box--I think my son is very close!) I definitely see my youngest son having more advanced skills for his age because he watches his big brother. Finally a good use for all that sibling competition!